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January 14, 1841 -- March 2, 1895, French impressionist.

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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
31018 Chasse au cerf Paul Brill Chasse au cerf mk70 Toile H.1.05 L.1.37 Paris,Musee du Louvre
28452 Mountain Landscape Paul Brill Mountain Landscape mk60 1626 Oil on canvas 29 1/2x40 1/2"
31017 Paysage aux pecheurs Paul Brill Paysage aux pecheurs mk70 Toile. H.0.46L.0.71 Paris,Musee du Louvre
31016 Paysage avec les pelerinsde'Emmaus Paul Brill Paysage avec les pelerinsde'Emmaus mk70 Toile H.0.95 L.1.42 Paris,Musee du LOUVRE
31013 Paysage avec Saint Jean-Baptiste Paul Brill Paysage avec Saint Jean-Baptiste mk70 Toile H.0.70 L.0.70 Paris,Ministere des Finances
29010 Seascape Paul Brill Seascape mk65 Oil on canvas 33 7/8x45 11/16in Uffizi,
29009 The Stag Hunt Paul Brill The Stag Hunt mk65 Oil on copper 8 1/4x11in Pitti

Paul Brill
Flemish painter , 1554-Rome 1626 were brothers, both born in Antwerp, who were landscape painters who worked in Rome after earning papal favor. They are also described as painters of capricci (whims or fancies) or vedute ideate or veduta di fantasia, with typical rustic hills with a few ruins. Mattheus began work on several frescoes in Rome from 1570 onwards, and his work includes the Vatican's Seasons. Mattheus died young, and his brother continued his work around 1574. Paul, a student of Damiaen Oertelmans, painted frescoes such as the landscapes in the Casino Rospigliosi (Rome), and The Roman Forum, which showed this site for what it had become: a slum for squatters and pasture for livestock (so much so that the place was nicknamed Campo Vaccino, or "The Cowfield"). His masterpiece may be a fresco in the Clementine Hall of the Vatican. Paul also did engravings and small cabinet paintings on copper, some of which are signed with a pair of spectacles (a pun on the French word brilles, "spectacles"). Some of these were collaborations with Johann Rottenhammer, who according to a dealer's letter of 1617 painted the figures in Venice and then sent the plates to Rome for Bril to complete the landscape. He collaborated with his friend Adam Elsheimer, who he both influenced and was influenced by, on one painting.
Berthe Morisot
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